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Jaro Kinnunen secures bronze medal after difficult Finnish Rally Championship season


 Jaro Kinnunen was one of three drivers who had a chance to get championship title from the SM3 class in the season´s last rally. Although Kinnunen´s chances were not very high after problems in the last rallies. It´d need a victory from Jaro and failure from other two drivers.


In the Tampere surroundings driven two-day final rally started well Jarospeed team. Jaro was 1st after Friday evening 2 special stages.


Saturday morning started clammy. First stage was changed to liaison after foreign competitors off.


Next stage SS4 Sahalahti 1 didn’t go well and Jaro dropped to 4th place.


- It was difficult to get rhytm in the Saturday but I managed to climb up to 3rd position. Stage times came with the basic drive, Jaro admitted.


- In the penultimate stage SS8 Savo 2 we faced a rainstorm which lasted only few minutes. We really  didn´t see nothing at all and we lost there over 13 seconds.


That cost podium place to Kinnunen and co-driver Mikael Korhonen. In the finish result was 4th and

31,7 seconds behind the winner Tommi Järvinen.


- It really didn´t go as we planned. I personally made some mistakes and didn´t got the last push.


Mentally this was difficult rally because I knew that car must be brought to finish in one piece. This time it gave us bronze medal, Jaro ended.



SM3 class final standings 6/6 rallies:


1. Jari Huttunen        117,5
2. Joonas Tokee       105,0
3. Jaro Kinnunen     95,0
4. Tommi Järvinen     67,5
5. Ville-M. Marttinen   66,0






Fotos: Jarospeed, Taneli Niinimäki

Jaro Kinnunen drove to 2nd place and continue in the Championship lead


Second rally of the Finnish Rally Championship season brought Jaro Kinnunen and Mikael Korhonen 2nd place from the SM3 class. After the victorius Arctic rally now achieved result kept Jaro´s colours on the top of the FRC leaderboard with eight point margin before this time class winner Jari Huttunen.


Mikkeli FRC Vaakuna ralli route was shortened due to safety reasons. Organizer cancelled two stages which were meant to drive twice. Plus degrees and rain softened stages surface in the first run so much, that the decision to cancel was absolutely correct.  


Jaro Kinnunen and co-driver Mikael Korhonen opened rally with the 4th position after short super special stage in the Friday evening.


- We took 2nd place immediately after rally really started in the Saturday morning. Next stage we set the pace and drove the best time in our class. Stage was fast and smooth surface. Correspondingly on the smaller and softer roads my pace was not good enough, Jaro admitted.


- When driving the slower sections I wasn´t at my best and then Huttunen got away. In the last service difference to the 1st place was 28,1 seconds and after us there was already over one minute gap. In that situation it was safe to test new setup.


- Setup change did not help the situation and in the last stage engine felt powerless, summed Jaro who left 37,3 second to the winner.


Vaakuna ralli SM3 class (TOP5):


1) Jari Huttunen 52:53,1 Citroën C2 R2           

2) Jaro Kinnunen 53:30,4 Peugeot 208 R2       

3) Ville-M Marttinen 54:23,9 Ford Fiesta R2

4) Emil Lindholm 54:51,5 Ford Fiesta R2

5) Ville Hatanmaa 55:06,5 Citroën C2 R2 




Jaro Kinnunen started his Finnish Rally Championship rival with style


Espoo-based Jaro Kinnunen made a glorious comeback to Finnish Rally Championship series class SM3 with his Peugeot 208 R2. He took outright victory from the 50th anniversary edition of the Arctic Lapland Rally with his co-driver Mikael Korhonen. Jaro was also the fastest 2WD driver in the whole rally.


Two day rally was run In the Rovaniemi surroundings. It consisted 280 stage kilometers while the whole rally route was almost 900 kilometers. Weather made her own challenge to competitors – temperature was from -18 to -28 degrees Celsius in those days. Stages were filled with snow and ice but there was also some sections with frozen gravel what is a real challenge for the studded Scandinavian winter tires.


After Leg 1 Jaro was holding the 1st place but margin was only 3 seconds to Joonas Tokee who is also Peugeot 208 driver.


- There was some extra action in the Friday and all the special stages did not come clean. I knew all the time that I could be more precise with the driving and therefore have more pace, Jaro told in the Friday evening service

Jarospeed team driver keep his words and managed to get 28 second lead in the Saturday afternoon. Before the last stage Jaro´s lead was 16.9 seconds.


- I could raise my pace and it gave me feeling that I can take the victory. In the last stage I clinched the victory with the clearly best time in the class. 


Jaro was 11th overall in the last 50 km stage Ristilampi.


- Our season started now with the best possible way and the feeling is very high. This is also a perfect prize for me and my team´s hard work. I want to thank everyone who is involved in our success, ended Jaro smiling.



Arctic Lapland Rally SM3 class (TOP5):


1) Jaro Kinnunen 2.41.07,8;   2) Joonas Tokee +1.05,7;   3) Jari Huttunen +3.52,5;   4) Jaakko Lavio +7.26,9;   5) Jussi Lindberg +11.04,1.


Finnish Rally Championship points after 1/6 rally:
1. Jaro Kinnunen 37.5
2. Joonas Tokee 27.0
3. Jari Huttunen 22.5
4. Jaakko Lavio 18.0
5. Jussi Lindberg 15.0




Jaro Kinnunen was spectacular throughout the weekend and scored his 1st fastest time in the 208 Rally Cup


In the past weekend was driven 2 day gravel rally, Terre des Causses in the Midi-Pyrenees in France. Rally offered Jaro Kinnunen plenty to learn from the new circumstances, road surface, and also from the single type Michelin tires.


From the Peugeot 208 Rally Cup 24 starters Kinnunen was the sixth fastest in the end. Espoo-based driver drove during the rally 10 special stage four times within the top three and finished the rally smoothly with the fastest time of the class.


Kinnunen and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen were after the opening day 42 seconds behind the leader, but during the second day difference increased only slightly, and it was 51 seconds at the finish ramp.

Finnish duo was the Saturdays third fastest driver, even there was one driving mistake along the stages.


- During the recce stages seemed to be in a smooth gravel surface, but in many places asphalt was revealed below the gravel. Therefore, it was surprisingly difficult to figure grip and finding the good rhytm was not easy, Jaro told.


- The roads were pretty simple, and along the route there were not much nice drivable sections. We were a little bit underdogs against the local drivers, because same stages had been used for five years in this rally.


- Saturday was good for us and we could match the pace of the top three. Only one crossing went wide and the engine stalled. It cost some 10 seconds.


- Good pace after a difficult start satisfies me. The level of the 208 Rally Cup is wide and all top drivers drive fast and time differences are smaller than I am used to in Finland, Kinnunen decided.


In the 2nd leg of the French 208 Cup ten fastest competitors represented five different nationalities. It means that success in the favourite series is applied by young drivers from many different countries.




Jaro Kinnunen succeed well in the 1st tarmac rally of his career

Past weekend was a great success for Jaro Kinnunen when he competited in his career´s 1st tarmac

rally in the Rallye le Touquet which was also the 1st edition of the French Rally Championship 2014. Rally was also opening round for 2014 edition of the Peugeot 208 Rally Cup. Espoo-based Kinnunen took 5th position in his class and in the famous Peugeot 208 Rally Cup.


In the 208 Rally Cup there was 22 eager drivers with similar 208 R2 rally cars.


Kinnunen and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen started the rally with 8th fastest stage time which showed

that the talented Finnish driver could drive in the good level in foreign conditions.


- We prepared the rally with care and it paid off. I got good feeling and the car balance how it should be already in the first stages. Right from the beginning the difference between me and the fastest French drivers was smaller than I expected, Kinnunen said.


- In the 2nd stage we got a setback when I overtook one junction and I needed to drive little extra loop to

get back to the stage. That mistake cost a lot in the results when Jarospeed colours fell to the 18th position. Since then the opening day stages went without errors and our position rose back to the 9th position in the end of the day one. Kinnunen´s pace behind the wheel of 208 R2 improved in the final day stages and he stood up to fight the 5th position.


- Local driver was over 10 seconds away but he drove off with the worn tyres. During the rally you need to be smart and save the tyres. We got only 8 tyres to use during the 2 day rally, Jaro explained.

In the finish Kinnunen was 5th and margin between him and the winner of the class Stephane Lefebvre, who competed in his home stages, was 4 minutes and 23 seconds after over 200 stage kilometers rallying.


- At the beginning my error cost me time and in one stage I caught other driver and in one stage we lose a tyre tread otherwise we got a solid rally. When we drove cleanly our margin to frontrunners was under 1sec/km. It is acceptable in relation of the lack of experience of tarmac rallies.


- We decided before the race that the risks are not taken. From here it´d be easy to speed up the pace but then I need to the take risks. In the future the pace will increase when I got more experience from the tarmac rallies, Jaro finished.








Onboard videos:


Jaro Kinnunen heading for international rallies

Last year the 1st Peugeot 208 R2 rally car in Finland presented Jaro Kinnunen is now facing forward to international competitions and tarmac rallies with his own team Jarospeed.


Two victories in the 2013 Finnish Championship rallies took Kinnunen left familiar Finnish rallies behind him and start this weekend in the French Rally Championship tarmac rally, Rallye du Touquet.


The competition will also launch the popular Peugeot 208 Rally Cup, which has gathered among the fast French drivers also the young talents from the numerous European countries.


- The rallying level in the France is really good in R2 cars class and there are a lot of competitors. There are over 20 pairs with us in the 208 Rally Cup, Kinnunen notes. Coming rally is the 1st ever tarmac rally to Jaro. Espoo based 24 year old driver tested his car early in this week in the North France. After the pre event test he and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen know the local conditions better.


- We drove over 100 km test and what comes to the car everything is alright. My main target is now to get knowledge from the tarmac rallies and go on step by step in my career.


I drove many short tarmac sprint events in the Finland but you can´t compare those to this 2 day over 200 stage km long tarmac rally, Kinnunen is aware of.


Rallye du Touquet starts in the Friday morning ends to the Le Touquet beach boulevard in the Saturday afternoon.


Jaro Kinnunen ended 2013 Finnish Rally Championship season victoriously



Seventh and final leg of the Finnish Rally Championship ended Jaro Kinnunen and co-driver Mikael Korhonen celebrations in FWD SM3 class. It was Kinnunen´s first victory in the Finnish Championship rally.


Peugeot 208 R2 rally car in Finland presented Kinnunen was in the best pace of all SM3 competitors straight from the beginning of the rally. He grab first place of the class already in the 2nd stage of the rally which was driven in the Friday night´s darkness in the famous Savo stage.


- We were very lucky at the 1st stage because we got huge moment in the last corners of the stage. It was truly a luck that we survived our off with just a marginal time loss. Our service did once more great job and fixed the car. After that we could set best time to last stage of the evening.


During the long Saturday Jaro increased his lead to his competitors which were in the pretty close fight. Kinnunen did three best times and all other stages were among the top of the class.


At the finish Kinnunen´s victory margin was 24.4 seconds to Henri Tuomisto who took the 2nd place.


- Feelings were obviously pretty high. Victory has been so close a few times already in this season. This result will reward our team´s great efforts and amount of work we´ve done with the new car.


- After two DNF´s in the previous FRC rounds we could not climb to the medals. Bronze medal was finally only 1½ points away but it does not really bother me.


- Our main goal for this season was SM3 class gold medal, but due the retirements it was not possible. Fortunately this Championship ended with a great victory, Jaro Kinnunen summed up.



SM3 class final results 7/7 stages (107.3 ss-km):


1. Kinnunen Jaro   Peugeot 208     58:29,2  

2. Tuomisto Henri     Ford Fiesta          +24,4

3. Haapamäki Henri  Citroen C2           +33,3

4. Pinomäki Kalle     Renault Twingo    +42,2

5. Vuorisalo Samuli  Ford Fiesta          +52,5

6. Lahti Olli              Citroen C2           +53,0

7. Nousiainen Jori     Ford Fiesta       +1:07,5

8. Lindroos Joonas   Citroen C2         +2:37,9







Onboard videos from the rally:


EK1, Savo 1:
EK3, Siitama 1:
EK6, Lielahti: 

EK7, Siitama 2: 

EK8, Viitapohja 2: 



Text: Jarno Saari

Photos: Jarno Saari, Jarospeed/Henrikki Oinasneva

Kinnunen showed his speed in Rally Finland


Last weekend Jaro Kinnunen did take part first time in his career to Finland´s WRC event, Neste Oil Rally Finland. Kinnunen has already showed his speed in Finnish Championship events this year, but now his team wanted to compare their speed in international level.

In Jyväskylä-based event Kinnunen was easily fastest driver in R2 class with his Peugeot 208. On the half way point of the rally Kinnunen led his class by 1.18 minutes. He was also second fastest front wheel drive car behind WRC3 class leader Keith Cronin. All other Citroen DS3 crews were behind Kinnunen.

After that (in SS12) Kinnunen suffered front wheel puncture and he lost nearly 4 minutes and dropped to 7th in class.

During the last day Kinnunen was again in very strong form and he climbed to 2nd and was only 55 seconds behind class leader. After that he got another puncture in famous Ouninpohja stage and lost 3 minutes.

All that extra time loss dropped Jaro Kinnunen eventually to 3rd in class in final results. But during the rally he was fastest R2 driver in 17 stages out of 23. And during the event Jaro was in 4 stages faster than all WRC3 / Citroen DS3 drivers.




Text: Jarno Saari

Photos: Jarospeed

Kinnunen disappointed after early retirement in FRC Rally in Kouvola

Fifth Finnish Rally Championship series rally in Kouvola was not favourable Jaro Kinnunen and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen. The pair started the race in SM3-class series lead, but the rally was cut off for technical fault at the first kilometers of special stage 1. 


Peugeot 208 R2-car engine temperature rose high, and the warning lights showed, that Jaro must drove

the car to roadside and stop engine.

- Team located the fault quickly. Water cycle in the engine had stopped due the disappeared water pump belt and thus the temperature got up, Jaro Kinnunen complained.

- We tried to gain point lead, but now rally came to an unfortunate setback. Before the rally I did very good test sessions and I had great feeling and a great response for the car. Sometimes these technical problems happens, even you do all to avoid those.

Jarospeed ​​team began immediately to examine more detail the car and try to do everything possible not to put in danger Jaro´s participation in the first Neste Oil Rally Finland ever.


In Kouvola SM3-class victory was took by last year's Finnish Champion Joonas Lindroos, who took also point lead in the series. Jaro Kinnunen fell to the third spot in the table. Next time Finnish Rally Championship battle starts in Turku at 30.-31.8. 




Text: Jarno Saari

Jaro Kinnunen reached maximum points from the Finnish Championship gravel rally

Finnish Rally Championship series opening of the summer season, SM Pohjanmaa rally was held in Laihia area, brought Jarospeed ​​team a much needed result and full points when Jaro Kinnunen and his co-driver Mikael Korhonen kept all their rivals fighting for medals behind them with team´s new Peugeot

208 R2.


SM3-class rally cars started first on the route the opening race of the summer. Kinnunen competed with number 3, which was his Championship standing after the winter rallies.


- Positive trial, this was.  It was nice to drive in front of the competitor line. In some sections there was of course some grip problems due to loose gravel, Jaro Kinnunen explained.

Swedish rally driver Fredrik Åhlin who also took part of the SM3-class in Laihia drove back of the Championship Series rivals with big number (41). He got to drive fastest performance in the cleaner roads. Åhlin finished 4.2 seconds faster than Kinnunen, but the visitor driver competed outside the SM series, so Kinnunen was given full points.


Kinnunen left the second-highest championship point scorer Kalle Pinomäki 15.6 seconds behind.

- In terms of profit it went well, but I'm not totally satisfied with my own driving performance. Good ride, but we did not reached the maximum speed. After I cut small mistakes away, our competitiveness is even better.


- Jackpot was close already in the winter period but after colorful stages we could not reach it. Thanks to the highest points I got now, I lead the Finnish Rally Championship series for the first time in my career. It´s nice to continue from here, but for sure there will be tight rallies in the future. 


- In the moment of success I have to praise the whole Jarospeed ​​ team whom has done a lot of work with our new 208 R2 rally car. My compliments goes also to mr. Pekka Siltanen, with whom I have learned to understand and adjust the Öhlins suspension in the car. That has given me more speed and trust of the car, Jaro Kinnunen ended.




Text: Jarno Saari


Photos: Marko Mäkinen / Ralli Sm

Jaro Kinnunen ended his FRC winter season to 2nd position



Last edition of Finnish Rally Championship series was held in Joensuu area in last weekend. Demanding roads of traditional Itäralli offered plenty of challenges for all competitors. Jaro Kinnunen and co-driver Mikael Korhonen started with the Peugeot 208 R2 second fastest in their SM3-class. 


EspooUa duo rose to the leaders of the SM3-class in the third stage. After the fourth stage their lead was 6.7 seconds to Joonas Lindroos. Next stage went almost hand in hand with leading duo, but in the sixth stage Lindroos was more than seven seconds faster and took the class leadership with 0.5 sec.


- According to splits I got we lost on the small, narrow road section too many seconds, Jaro Kinnunen explained.


After that there were 30 min service and two stages to go which had already been run once in the morning.

Lindroos increased gap 0.3 sec to 0.8 sec in the penultimate special stage. After stage 7 Jaro´s tires were so worn that reigning FWD Finnish Champion Lindroos ran away in the last stage to 9.2 sec victory.


- I knew that it is difficult to reach the victory when my tires were so worn out. There were hardly studs at all in the right front wheel, but still I was the second fastest in the SM3-class. I tried to attack until the end, but to gravel worn stage´s road surface had already ´eaten´ our tires and there was nothing you can do, Jaro Kinnunen told.


- Second place gives hardly any satisfaction, but it came after fine battle.

I did during the day small mistakes, and they appear immediately in the results at this level where competition

is so tight.

- What comes to our car everything looks good and again we found that our pace is at the top level of our class. During the summer season I need to take one step ahead and take 1st victory for me and to Peugeot 208 R2.


Finnish Rally Championship season continues 15th of the June in Laihia region. Jaro Kinnunen stays waiting for the summer rallies in the 3rd place in Championship.



Text: Jarno Saari


Photos: Jarno Saari & Bruno Keiser

Jaro Kinnunen´s and 208 R2´s maiden victory vanished to jam and the age-old rule.

Jaro Kinnunen who was battle for the victory throughout the Finnish Rally Championship leg 2 held in Mikkeli was disappointed at the end, when the "insurmountable barrier" in the last stage dropped the young Espoo-based driver from the 1st position to 15th in the overall results.


The problem was due to a competitor's car with a technical failure was stuck on a narrow part of the last stage. Competitors, who arrived every minute to a place were forced to stop and move the 1400 kg car away with the man forces.


Rule Book is in these situations ruthless and does not give the possibility of time deduction or even the right to appeal, so competitors whom have to stop for another competitor caused jam were armless and needed to approve the results.


- I understand that rules are rules, but maybe this point the age-old rule in the rule book could changed. With our car there were competitors from positions 2-4 and they lost positions also, disappointed Jaro Kinnunen merely pointed out.


Until that event Jaro´s and his co-driver´s Mikael Korhonen rally went very well. They were 15.8 seconds lead in the SM3-class and once again the new Peugeot 208 R2 was shown its potential in the hands of Kinnunen.


- My performance was at an excellent level. Peugeot 208 R2 and my team did everything well, Jaro Kinnunen ended.



Kinnunen demonstrated the all new Peugeot 208 R2 rally car potential

Jaro Kinnunen's first appearance with 208 R2 in the two-day Arctic Rally went very well, even though it was new car model´s first race on the snow and ice surface in the Finnish Rally Championship.


Car which completed only in mid-January showed immediately it´s huge potential in the Rally Championship when Kinnunen, and co-driver Mikael Korhonen drove despite brake problems in their SM3-class third.


In the opening day Jaro Kinnunen drove 2nd in his class, before brake problems dropped him to seventh place.


- I had to drive nearly half of the opening day slowed by the brake failure. New front pads worn completely out and I had to drop the pace and drive with the handbrake only on two special stages, Kinnunen explained.


After nearly 4 minute time loss in the opening day team Jarospeed´s driver took positions back in the 2nd day of the competition. Three best times raised Jaro´s position to 3rd which was quite satisfactory result to the team in competition with the all new car. The difference between winner Joonas Lindroos (the reigning FWD champion in Finland) and Jaro was finally 3.32,5 minutes.


- The pace was good and in the 2nd day we were fastest 2wd car. Despite the best times, I was not satisfied with the brakes at all even in the final part of the competition. Front brakes were too hot, and the confidence for driving was not at an optimal level.


- Brakes and traction in the small gears need to get a better developed. After the improvements this rally car could be driven even faster stage times, Jaro Kinnunen said confidently.


Finnish Rally Championship series will continue in Mikkeli from 22nd to 23rd of February.



17th of November 1989
Espoo, Finland



1st Rally: 
XXXV Riihimäki ralli in Riihimäki Finland

5th of January 2008


1st Rally sprint: 
Lipposen OP-talvisprint in Rantasalmi Finland 9th of January 2005

Contact: jaro.kinnunen(at)





Engine: 1.6 ltr EP6C 16V Dohc VVT

Max.output: 190Hp@7800rpm; 190Nm@6300rpm

Transmission: Sadev 5-sp sequential

Suspension: Öhlins 4-way

Brakes: Alcon

Weight: 1030 kg (FIA minimum)

FIA Homologation No: A-5743 (1.10.2012)


Wheels / Tyres:  

Gravel: 6 x 15 / Michelin tyres (16/64-15)

Snow: 5 x 16 / Michelin tyres (10/65-16)

Tarmac: 6,5 x 16 / Michelin tyres (17/60-16)